This is (1) Pack of Archer high quality full chisel saw chain, this chain is .325 pitch .050 gauge & has 81 drive links. This chain fits many Husqvarna, Stihl & Other Model Chainsaws that are using a 20" guide bar that is .325 pitch .050 gauge and uses 81 drive link chains.

***This chain is a non-safety professional chainsaw chain***


Note: All Chainsaw chains are a called length, in order for your replacement chain to fit you must always match the pitch, gauge and drive link count ! 


The drive link count is the number of drive links in the loop of chain, the drive link is the triangular part of the chain that rides in the groove of the guide bar. The gauge is the width of the opening of your guide bar groove (or the thickness of your drive link) and the most common gauges are .043, .050, .058, and .063. Pitch is the actual measured distance between any three rivet heads on the chainsaw chain divided by two, the most common pitches are ¼”, 3/8LP(low-pro), .325, 3/8” and .404. The pitch and gauge of a chain are not easily measured so the pitch and gauge of your chain is best determined by using the chain manufacturing codes from the old chain that are found stamped on the drive links (and all the chain manufacturers use different codes) also many times the pitch, gauge, and drive link count are found stamped on the tail end of the guide bar. If you need any help in determining what size chain you need please contact us.

Archer Saw Chain, Archer Guide Bars and Archer Accessories are known for quality and sold world wide!

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20" Archer Chainsaw Chain Blade Blue Max .325 Pitch .050 Gauge 81DL - Fits Stihl